The power of this chapter comes from Paul’s care for Titus.  He clearly loves this young man and wants him to succeed in his future ministry in Crete.  To do that, he must have a clear understanding of God’s mercy so he will always be dependent upon the Lord and not give into the wives tales and Jewish traditions that hinder so many other ministries.  He also commands him to teach these same principles to His people knowing they too struggle with the temptations and “tales” of the culture around them.  Paul’s challenge to Titus and his congregants is to live at peace with others while praying diligently and serving faithfully those in authority over them.  These simple acts would separate them from most the people on the Isle of Crete and give them a platform to share the Gospel.  Do you depend fully upon Jesus because you know exactly who He is and exactly what He has done for you?  If not, today is the day to begin that journey of growth and maturity that will lead you to complete dependence upon the Almighty!  Do you live peaceably with those around you by praying for and serving the authorities in your life?  Again, this is what makes us different.  We do not have to debate every area of disagreement, nor do we have to agree in every area of secondary doctrines; instead we can pray and serve and walk closely with our God.  Life lived by that formula will not fail.

Help me, Lord, to know You as You truly are and to understand exactly what You have done for me.  Help me to live peaceably with those You put into my life and to obey the authorities You have placed over me.