Why is the church in the mess it is in today?  I think Paul hits on one of the key ingredients when he tells the older generations in the fellowship to mentor and teach the younger generations.  Our modern/post-modern churches are more interested in separating the generations than keeping them together for the purpose of mentoring and teaching.  The young adults want their own class with their own age group, because they relate better to them, while the older adults want their own class for the same purpose.  How can this be?  God has given us a clear plan for spiritual maturity and it has much to do with the older generations mentoring and teaching the younger generations.  What has gone wrong?  I believe the biggest issue we see in today's church is that we no longer teach or preach on this topic.  Somewhere along the way, pastors and preachers have determined that this precept no longer applies to us.  This is a huge mistake, because when a principle is not preached or taught consistently, it is forgotten.  The other issue that screams to us from today's church is the lack of spiritual maturity among our older generations of believers.  Many have gotten so comfortable with the idea that church attendance equals the Christian walk that they have never actually grown in their faith.  This shuts down God's plan for spiritual growth and kingdom growth.  

Help me, Lord, to love all generations of  believers and to help them grow in faith.  Help our older generations love our younger generations and begin to mentor them in the faith.