It is appropriate that this letter follow the letters to Timothy simply because they have the same goals and guidelines. Paul's goal is to get both of these men prepared for the ministry they are about to lead. As the pastor of the church on the Isle of Crete, Titus is facing a tough group of people who were described as "always lying, evil beasts, lazy gluttons." This is the culture that this young man is settling into as he starts finding elders to serve with him in this ministry. Paul reminds him that cultural standards do not fulfill God's plan for an elder, nor does faithfulness in church or physical age. God is looking for men who will lead with integrity and who are in complete control of their senses at all times. Their family must be in order, and they must be hospitable to all they encounter. Once again, the culture in Crete does not lend itself to these kinds of people yet Titus is called to find these men and prepare them for the rigors of ministry. In the midst of teaching these men who, along with Titus, will teach the believers of Crete the truths of Scripture and not "Jewish myths and commandments of men who turn away from the truth." This would be a difficult chore, but Titus never backed down. Have you allowed the difficulty or fear of a ministry to stop you from listening to God's voice? If you are qualified and called then please follow Titus' example and run to God's will, His perfect plan for your life without fear and anxiety.

Help me, Lord, to hear Your voice and obey Your call no matter where it leads me. Help me to live in such a manner that others can see Your work in me that will point them right back to You.