Some Christians love to play right on the edges of sin. They do not necessarily fully engage, but they definitely get close. David knows how the Ark of the Covenant was to be transported, but he decided to move it using a new cart. God gave clear instructions, and David shoved them aside, because his idea was better. Sadly, that decision cost a man his life. One of David's wives, Michal, decided to turn on her husband because of his lively worship of Yahweh. She berated him and lost his respect. The only other word we read about her is that she never had any children. Our decisions really do impact other people, and those made in the flesh will most likely impact them negatively. Playing on the edge of God's will might seem intense, exciting, and even pleasurable, but it will never lead you to God's best. Only His plan can bring us hope from despair and beauty from ashes. We cannot produce that in our own wisdom or will. We need to be in the center of God's will, not on the edge. We should set a strong example for our friends and family who are watching. Your children and siblings are watching you to find out how to live, how to love, and how to serve. When you choose to live on the edge, they normally will choose to go over it. Are you okay with that? Are you willing to sacrifice their future for your foolish play right now? Read God's word, find His will, and then walk in it!

Help me, Lord, to set a strong example that my friends and family can follow. Help me to move away from the edge of Your will and right into the center of it.