This chapter contains one of those passages used in weddings around the world.  It describes love and jealousy as two forces urged on by the same passions.  Both are powerful forces that can make or break a relationship.  Solomon tells us that many waters cannot quench love and floods could never drown it.  Love is sometimes dramatized as uncontrollable, but the Scriptures clearly tell us to love God with all our hearts, souls, and minds and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  God does not describe love as uncontrollable; instead, He describes it as a choice we make on a daily basis.  In a culture ruled by emotion, we, as God's people, need to reveal a love that is unconditional and sacrificial by choice.  When Paul commands husbands to love their wives in Ephesians, he reminds us that our love should replicate the love that Jesus had for His church.  Once again, it is a choice that is made, not an emotion that is felt.  Love is also priceless.  If someone were to offer wealth beyond comprehension in exchange for love, he/she would be despised.  Love is just that powerful and important.  1 Corinthians 13 reminds us that love is patient and kind and not overbearing; it does not hold grudges or bring up old mistakes; instead love bears all things, believes all things, and endures all things.  True love never fails, because it is based upon a choice and not upon emotions.  Love is also a key ingredient in reaching the world for Christ.  We not only win them by loving them, but we also win them by loving our church family.  People see that genuine love and want it.  They cannot find it anywhere else!  Do you love your church and its members?  If so, how do you show that love to them?  

Help me, Lord, to choose to love You, my spouse, and my church.  Help me to experience the overwhelming power of love in my family, friendships, and fellowship.