Sometimes a couple still in that "honeymoon stage" of a relationship can almost get on your nerves because they are so happy and so touchy-feely.  They normally hear that the passion will fade, but does it have to?  This couple is clearly in that stage.  Everything about their partner is perfect.  He/she has a perfect body, personality, and character.  They can find no fault with each other.  Of course after marriage, we normally see those faults clearly, but does that have to change our passion or our love for one another?  Jesus calls us His bride even though He knows the worst about us.  He loves us altogether and always pushes us to better ourselves.  A great spouse does not try to change their beloved into what they want, but instead, always encourages and challenges them to be what God wants.  I know for a fact that I would have never reached my goals or enjoyed the success that I have without my wife.  She is not only my greatest confidant, she is also my most ardent supporter.  She does not let me settle for okay and challenges me to take my "game" to a higher level.  Jesus loves us but He, too, does not settle for the status quo; He wants so much more from us, and He actually sees our potential.  In other words, He knows more about me than I do.  I believe that is true in a strong marriage relationship though not to the same extent.  My wife and I laugh regularly when we finish a sentence or do something right before the other person asks for it.  It is one of the great joys of a long-term marriage -- we know each other.  Have you given Jesus that much access into your life?  He already knows everything about you, but He wants to help mold you and make you into the person He created you to be.  He never finishes that work on the earth which means "He's still working on me making me everything He wants me to be."  

Help me, Lord, to abide in Your incredible love for me and to listen as You encourage me beyond what I think is possible.  Help me to be that for my spouse so that he/she can take their game to a new level in life.