"I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine..."  This is how this wife-to-be sees her future husband.  Her devotion is to him and her delight is for him.  No one or nothing else distracts from their love for one another.  Jesus is our beloved, and believe it or not, we are His.  He loves us unconditionally and sacrificially like no one else in this world.  He is not only our Savior and Lord, but our Friend, as well.  Sadly, we have allowed distractions to distort that relationship and keep us from enjoying it to the fullest.  Some of those distractions or good, but one wise writer said it well, "an idol is a good thing that becomes a god-thing" (Mark Driscoll).  If we are not careful, we get so caught up in our good deeds and good lives that we put those above our relationship with Jesus.  In the end, all those other gods will fade away, but our Savior will remain and wants to spend all of eternity with us, His bride.  Why do we allow such distractions?  Our sin nature is an easy answer to that question.  Pride rules our relationships, because we always believe we know what is best and will not listen to His advice or ideas.  Low self-esteem will also create those distractions, because we are always trying to prove ourselves to others instead of resting in who God made us to be.  Idolatry is also a major problem in relationships, because we idolize our partner, or the perfect relationship, or the beautiful wedding, more than we worship the One who gave us that partner, created that perfect relationship, and should be at the center of that beautiful wedding.  We must follow this couple's lead and return to our first love, Jesus.  He must become our "all in all."  When that  happens, every other relationship will get stronger and healthier.

Help me, Lord, to fight against the distractions in my walk with You.  Help me to put You at the top of my priority list and trust You to bring balance to every other relationship and responsibility in my life.