How often do you look in the mirror and think about all the “mistakes” God made in creating you? This chapter helps us rethink that mindset as it reminds us that God sees each and every one of us as perfectly crafted for His plan. We might not have the perfect nose or the perfect toes according to the world’s standards, but our standard-bearer is not the world around us, but the One who loves us more than any other. As this man describes the woman that he loves, he does not compare her to other women; no, he sees her as unique and special and describes her in that manner. Every part of her is perfect in his eyes! When will we begin to see ourselves as He does? I understand the struggle because I, too, see the external beauty that is promoted in today’s culture, but eventually, we must realize that beauty fades and then what? Does life end with a wrinkle or a bad hair day? Do we give up when we add a little weight or feel less the our best? God tells us that He loves us and sees us as perfect no matter how young or old we might be. He did not make any mistakes in the beginning or at this point in your life. He created you for a specific purpose; therefore, rest in that incredible love and forget what everyone else says or thinks. This life is too short to waste it on the external. We need to take care of this temple everyday and live life to the fullest no matter if we match up to the cultural standard or not. Will you rest in the truth that God loves you and has made you as you are for His purpose and plan? Will you stop trying to measure up to an unreachable standard and start enjoying this life God has given you?

Help me, Lord, to stop focusing on the external and prioritize the internal. Help me to bask in Your great love for me and to trust that You have made me for Your purpose and plan.