This book reveals many wonderful ways to describe marital love. It is a beautiful picture of how God wants husbands and wives to act towards each other, and it also helps us better understand God's love for us. One truth that goes unquestioned throughout this book is that God ordained marriage for one man and one woman. He leaves no room for other possibilities. He does not care what our current culture says, this is God's clear plan. Sadly, the church is beginning to cave into the pressure of the masses. We are beginning to feel the pinch between speaking the truth and "hate speech." God's Word leaves no room for discussion. His plan for marriage is clear throughout the Scriptures, and this book gives us a fuller picture of just how wonderful a marriage built on godly principles can be. While this book paints that beautiful picture, Solomon, himself, had hundreds of wives in his harem. God does not paint him as perfect or impervious to the flesh; instead, he reveals just how sinful the third king of Israel really was. He also reminds us that our sin can be forgiven and a wonderful marriage can be available if we will seek it by His standards and not our own. A day is coming when we will have to take a stand for marriage in our churches and in our country. We cannot lean a certain way because the culture does; instead, we must stand on the truth of God's Word and trust that His plan is perfect and will lead to the best in life. How far will you go to stand against sin and to fight for God's plan for marriage?

Help me, Lord, to understand Your plan for marriage. Help me to love my spouse and to celebrate the gift that You have given me!