Boaz continues his quest to marry Ruth and to take care of all her needs. He goes to the city gate and finds the closest kinsmen-redeemer and tells him about Naomi and her husband's land, and the man immediately says "yes, I want it." When, however, Boaz mentions Ruth who needs a husband to continue the family lineage, the man reneges and agrees to give it all to Boaz. Once married, we see God's perfect plan at work even in some of Israel's most wicked days. Boaz and Ruth bear Obed who eventually fathers Jesse, who is the father of David, the future king of Israel. God had this lineage in perfect working order, but it took some serious faith in Ruth's life and in Boaz' life to get to that plan. Ruth did the unthinkable by staying with her mother-in-law which almost guaranteed that she would never have children. Boaz saw Ruth and knew she was special and openly protected and provided for her until he was able to marry her. Are you willing to walk by faith and not by sight? Are you ready to walk in God's will and see the miraculous happen? God's plan always comes together. Boaz and Ruth did not fight it; they chose to walk by faith and not be fear. Will you do the same?

Help me, Lord, to live in such a way that You can use me to complete Your perfect plan. Help me to be on the lookout for the miracles You produce in my life as I walk with You.