Boaz continues to show his character and integrity as he begins a new journey with Ruth. Naomi tells her to go to him in the night at the threshing floor, uncover his feet, and lay there until he recognizes your presence. Obviously, this could have been disastrous, but Boaz was the perfect gentleman and promised to talk with the town leaders about redeeming her for her deceased husband. He made sure she was gone before anyone could recognize her thus saving her reputation in the community, as well. What is a kinsmen-redeemer? When a husband dies early, one of his relatives can "redeem" her in marriage and have children to continue the family name. Boaz was not the closest relative to Ruth's husband so he had to find out if the first person wanted to redeem her. Again, he never takes what is not his, nor does he overstep the cultural boundaries of God's law. I fear that we have lost most of the character and integrity that Boaz exudes in our modern-day churches. Our culture has made purity and virginity a joke, but God tells us just how important both are to a future marriage. Boaz reveals a character that goes beyond the culture and an integrity that leads to righteousness. As Christ-followers, we should be known for both character and integrity, because they always lead us to the best in life.

Help me, Lord, to walk with character and integrity as my calling cards in life. Help me to encourage those teens, college kids, and young couples around me towards purity and virginity until marriage.