As Ruth and Naomi settle into their new home, Ruth determines to take care of her mother-in-law. She finds a field and begins to glean the corners and the leftovers of the field. The owner, Boaz, sees her working and asks his men about her. In the days of the judges, Israel was a crazy place, but right in the middle of it all, we meet Boaz, a man who reminds us so beautifully of the amazing God we serve. Boaz provides for Ruth by allowing her to work with the other women in the field and by telling the pickers to leave a portion of the harvest for her. Boaz protects her by telling his men that she is not to be touched, but they are to look out for her welfare. Boaz makes Ruth some promises that we will see fulfilled later in the book. This one man provides, protects and keeps his promises to this foreign woman who loved her mother-in-law. As you think about Yahweh, do you see that He, too, is our great Provider. He protects us in ways that we cannot even see, and He always keeps His promises. He is no respecter of persons meaning He loves us all and acts accordingly with His kids. As Christ-followers, Boaz should set a strong example for us to follow when dealing with anyone we come in contact with. We must treat them as we would like to be treated no matter how they react and respond. When God puts difficult people in our lives, we must not shy away from the responsibilities that He has given us.

Help me, Lord, to protect those under my care; to provide for their needs; and to always keep my promises. Help me not to shy away from the responsibilities You have given me striving instead to fulfill every role You reveal to me.