The tragic story of Naomi and Ruth hits close to the heart. Losing people you love and cherish deeply is never easy and losing a spouse takes those feelings even deeper. As Naomi determines to return to her homeland for help as a widow, she encourages her two daughters-in-law to return to their father's home and find another husband. One does just that, but Ruth will not leave her mother-in-law alone. She provides a quote that is often used in wedding ceremonies reminding us of the seriousness of that commitment. Ruth did not just dedicate herself to Naomi, she also committed herself to Naomi's God, Yahweh, the God of the Israelites. She was fully committed to working with her mother-in-law to create a happy home. Is it possible that we now take marriage so lightly that we do not fully commit to the relationship? Is it possible that we feel there is always an "out" if we get too angry or frustrated? When Jesus is at the center of our lives and our marriages, then we understand its seriousness and the depth of commitment we are talking about. In our summer marriage class, one theme that rang true was that once you are married there is no way out. Having that simple perspective changes everything simply because you have to work through the hard times and endure when you feel like giving up. Ruth sets a powerful example of true commitment. Will we follow?

Help me, Lord, to see my marriage (or future marriage) as you see it. Help me to commit fully to the relationship that You have so richly blessed us me with.