The struggles are real as we watch the earth move closer and closer to annihilation. It is uncomfortable to think that these seals will have that impact upon the place we call home. It is a reminder of how little we think about the serousness of sin. This is the end result of sin; it destroys! To think otherwise is to think foolishly, because sin will always produce death. In the midst of that reality, however, we find God keeping everything right where it is supposed to be. He literally executes all of the End Times from His throne without one bead of sweat. If that is the case in such dire moments, how can we not trust Him fully to keep us right where He wants us to be? Our family tries to not to fret over the sale of our home, but it does weigh on all of us, because we love each other, and we are a team and work best together. We know, however, that God has a perfect plan, and He will execute that plan perfectly. To think anything else is to diminish the wonder, majesty, and authority of our God. As you watch the world around you fall apart and see the devastation of sin, remember that our God is on His throne, and He is accomplishing His perfect will even when we do not understand it. This is the amazing God we serve and live for! To Him be glory in the church throughout all generations!

Help me, Lord, to understand the seriousness of my sin and consistently run from it in Your power. Help me to rest in Your ability to execute Your plan and not to worry when it seems that the world is getting too crazy.