Again, doom and gloom dominate this chapter as God pours out His wrath upon the earth. The seventh seal presents several different moments of activity that devastate this earth. John, however, does not leave us destitute; instead, he reminds us of the power of prayer. He mentions the "prayers of all the saints" that are mixed with incense and sent before the Father. I know that prayer can sometimes seem monotonous or time-consuming, but can you imagine life without it? I, personally, spend time each morning in prayer with the Father, but follow that with constant prayers for needs that are brought to my attention. When we pray, God hears. When we pray in His will, God goes to work. How many lost friends and family members are currently a part of your life? How many times have you prayed specifically for them to hear the Gospel and to wholeheartedly follow Jesus? The reminder of the wrath that is to come should motivate us to share the Gospel more frequently with those we know desperately need it. The doom and gloom of the tribulation should push us to love more deeply, to live more faithfully, and to look for opportunities to share our faith. If we do not, then those people will suffer during this horrible three and half year period of wrath. God's challenges always push us outside our comfort zones, and I believe God is calling us to get uncomfortable so others can know and accept the Truth.

Help me, Lord, to pray continually for those I love and for the lost You have placed in my life. Help me to take Your Gospel to the world so they can have the opportunity to hear of Your sacrifice and follow You.