This chapter just reiterated yesterday’s truth: persecution purifies God’s people.  One of the elders tells John that the multitudes who are dressed in white and worshipping at the throne of God are those who were martyred during the tribulation period.  John says they are innumerable, but we know that 144,000 Jews will be part of that crowd.  Their worship will be genuine, because of the persecution they faced.  I️ think of the people who come to church to network or to impress their parents, and I️ realize that they have never faced any kind of serious persecution that would purify their actions and their motives.  Sadly, we live in a culture where many children never face hardship or the consequences of their sinful actions.  Parents protect their kids from any form of discipline hoping to give them a better life than they had never realizing that they are raising the “powder puff” generation that thinks they “deserve” everything without any consequences.  This is not real life, and it is tearing our society apart.  The tribulation period will correct much of our foolishness and point many to the cross of Christ.  It is heartbreaking to realize that many in the United States will never come to Jesus before the tribulation, because they see no real need for Him.  My family and I cannot imagine life without Jesus.  He is our Hope, our Provider, and our Protector.  We must continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus hoping many will come to Christ before the tribulation, but also knowing that message will be desperately needed during the tribulation.

Help me, Lord, to recognize and continually admit my need for You.  Help me to see persecution and hardship for what it really is: an opportunity to grow in my faith and for God to purify my life.