If we are not careful, we can get consumed with the doom found in this chapter and completely miss the grace that is still available at this time in the future. This world is truly doomed along with all those who reject Jesus, but those who freely accept Him as Savior will eventually enjoy an eternity with God working, serving, and worshiping our King. This is our hope, our earnest expectation, based upon God's revelation of the End Times. Undoubtedly, these seals are devastating to a large number of people, and the persecution of Christians is on a consistent rise. We forget that persecution purifies God's people. The church in that day will be far stronger than the modern church, because persecution removes the chaff and reveals the wheat. Even as they face beatings, imprisonment, and martyrdom, they will stand strong and the church will grow during that time. Those who lose their life for the sake of Jesus will eventually be dressed in white and comforted in their waiting. All of this is God's work of grace! He strengthens His church. He builds His church! He comforts those who are martyred in His Name. Doom is only for those who have no hope; who will spend eternity in hell. If that is not you, then rejoice this morning, because our God is in control and He will use the most difficult times to bring more people to a saving knowledge of His Son.

Help me, Lord, to walk in Your amazing grace throughout this day. Help me to stay pure and focused on spiritual maturity so I can influence others and prepare for Your plan for the future.