As John watches the interactions of the heavenly hosts, he sees a book that no one can open. The question is asked, "who is worthy to open this book?" John begins to weep thinking no one is worthy until he was comforted by the news that "the Lamb" was worthy. This book is filled with the names of those He has redeemed from their sin and shame. Jesus is the centerpiece of John's story, and He should be the centerpiece of our lives. If all of history culminated in Jesus, then He is our only hope for the future. John recognized the greatness of "the Lamb" and watched the twenty-four elders and the four angelic beings bow before Jesus knowing He is worthy of their worship. Does that sound like your personal times of worship? Do you enjoy a growing, vibrant walk with God through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus? He is more than just our Savior and our Friend, He is also our Judge. He will one day open that book and judge accordingly from it. Those who know Him and walk with Him will face a completely different judgment than those who rejected Jesus throughout their lives. Is your name in that book? John grasps the importance of that answer as he realizes that only Jesus can open that book, because He lived a perfect life and died a sacrificial death on Calvary. God ordained the Way for us to get to heaven, and John now sees Him like never before.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy a vibrant, growing relationship with You. Help me to continually see the importance of sharing Your love and grace with those You bring into my life.