Did John recognize Jesus?  In their first meeting since His resurrection, the apostle meets his Savior and Lord.  This time it is in a vision and the meeting takes place in heaven.  They key to this chapter is John’s response when Jesus revealed that He was the Alpha and Omega; the Beginning and the End.  He immediately fell to His face admitting his inability to match Jesus’ glory and purity.  He knows he is unworthy even though he walked with Jesus for three years.  He knows that no matter how righteous he might feel on earth; Christ is his only Hope for a right relationship with the Heavenly Father.  When he fell on his face before Jesus, John is testifying to all those truths.  The apostle knows that Jesus is worthy of his physical, emotional, and spiritual reverence.  I️ fear we have lost this in our modern culture.  If Jesus were to enter our church this week, how would we respond?  Would we wonder why He is wearing a robe to church, or would we fall on our face before Him?  Would we have a clue who He is?  Appearance means absolutely nothing when it comes in contact with the Master.  We could care less what people think when we run to the altar or when we are immersed in those baptismal waters telling the world Who we belong to.  We must lay aside our thoughts of impressing people at church or stealing the glory from God for what He has done, and we must fall on our face before Jesus, because He alone is worthy of our reverence.

Help me, Lord, to daily fall on my face before You admitting who You are and how great You are.  Help me to put away my concerns about what others think and focus my attention upon what You want me to do.