The destruction of the city of “Babylon” dominates the news of the End Times.  This city has ruled the world through commerce, industry, and pleasure-based entertainment.  Every other city and king seems to have some dependence upon this city.  The beast’s destruction of the city has created a world-wide panic for those who depended upon it.  What are you most dependent upon?  The kings of the End Times put all their “eggs in one basket” and now that “basket” is gone, and they are scrambling to secure their future.  When we put all our “eggs in one basket,” we, in a sense, open the door for that same kind of scramble.  The earth and all its pleasures will eventually fade away.  The great gods of this world, money, pleasure, fame, power, and popularity, will not last forever.  If that is where your hope is placed, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Our only hope is Jesus.  When we put all our “eggs in” His basket, we can know our hope is eternal.  How else can we confidently walk this earth without fear or worry?  When something earthly seems like it will last forever, we only have to look back on human history and forward to the future of humanity to see that nothing is eternal if it is not based in Jesus.  Where are your “eggs” today?  The kings of the End Times chose the wrong god, and they suffered horribly for it.  What about you?

Help me, Lord, to put all my hope in You alone.  Help me to lay aside the gods of this world knowing they will never lead me to an eternal destination and focus my attention upon Your truth.