What makes a Christ-follower different from other people on this earth? Jesus tells us that "our love for one another" has the greatest impact upon the world. Why? This chapter reveals that answer. When a life is not built around Jesus, it is built around self. That, of course, is the root word of selfish and self-centered, and that is what is happening at this point in the End Times. The beast and the woman are "ruling" the world until the beast attacks the woman and eventually destroys her. We know the woman is symbolic of a specific city also called Babylon. The beast destroys the city and rules the world. This is the heart of selfishness. The beast felt entitled to rule the world just as many feel entitled to their supposed "rights" in this country. As we grow in Christ, He removes that focus on self and replaces it with a love for others. At that point, we begin to make an impact, because we are completely different from the world around us. This is God's plan for today and this chapter reminds us that this is God's plan for tomorrow. The attitudes that dominates this day will continue to get worse and will create the atmosphere needed for the End Times. Will you contribute to that downfall by living selfishly, or will you be a light in the darkness and focus your attention on the people God has brought into your life?

Help me, Lord, to keep my focus upon Your people. Help me to rid my heart and mind of any tendencies towards entitlement and help me to remember that all I have is a gift from You.