Mercy Me has an amazing song entitled "Even If." It is a beautiful reminder that God is more than able and that He can do anything needed to deal with my sorrows and hurts, but even if He chooses not to change those situations, He is still on His throne and His love is still our greatest friend. This chapter is difficult, because it shows us God's wrath being poured out upon the earth and the people remaining on it. Why is this happening? John tells us that it is happening because these people have persecuted His people. So God allows us to go through hard times but has our back through each and every one. He will fight for His kids, and He loves to shock us with a little measure of grace in the midst of our battles. Sadly, the people of the earth only respond by cursing God and continuing in their sin. They will not bow their knee to the One who produces the biggest earthquake in the history of the earth. They will not surrender to the One who turns the seas and the rivers into blood. They will not acknowledge His Lordship even as He sends a hail storm with "fiery hail" bigger than we can imagine. Can we harden our hearts to that point? Sadly, I believe we can. Addictions and constant temptation create a powerful opportunity to push God to the side and focus only on what I want at the moment. This is our reminder that God is on His throne and that He will fight for His children. Even if life does not work out according to your plan trust Him to have your back no matter what you are going through.

Help me, Lord, to stay strong in my faith and to commit to an "Even If" mindset. Help me to submit daily to You and Your plan for my life never trying to take back "the keys" when I want my way.