This chapter has been used and abused as many use it to prove a theological point that is actually fallacy.  The 144,000 are clearly Jews from the twelve tribes of Israel.  They have faced the culture of the Tribulation and stayed faithful.  They have not given into temptation or to persecution and now they stand with Jesus singing a song that only they can sing.  Why do these saints have a certain song?  They alone have faced the seven year Tribulation and continued to walk with the Lord.  They have a song in their hearts that is uniquely theirs.  John watches as the “Reapers” begin their work on the earth.  Two different sickles begin to harvest the “grapes” and put them in the wine press of God’s wrath.  God protects His kids while punishing those who have rejected Jesus.  This destruction is like nothing we have ever imagined and incredibly it is all a part of God’s loving plan.  God’s power is once again on display.  He has secured His people while serving notice on those who now reap what they have sown.  Do you struggle with God’s power at times?  Have some circumstances in life caused you to question His ability to provide for and protect you?  Trust Him completely.  This chapter reminds us that He is a constant companion who will not fail us.

Help me, Lord, to trust Your power to meet my needs and to protect those that I️ love.  Help me to enjoy Your power flowing through me to those You bring into my life.