The symbolism of this chapter can create havoc with our understanding of the End Times.  I see this as a historical interlude as John is told to write about the coming of the King of all kings.  In a spiritual sense, God truly had to protect Mary and her family from Satan’s destruction.  The enemy would have gladly killed God’s Son as an infant and removed all concern about the future.  That Son sends His angels to defend God’s people from the attacks of the evil one.  Satan and his angels have been cast down to the earth and have made a mess of God’s creation.  This, however, is only temporary.  While we might not understand all of this revelation, we know without question what the future holds for God’s people and for Satan and his followers. I suspect that we take our enemy for granted.  We never realize the depth of his hatred toward God and His people.  We will never understand how desperately he wants us to fall and ruin our testimony before those close to us.  We will never grasp the seriousness of each moment of each day.  He is lurking and looking for an opportunity to attack meaning we must be even more diligent in our daily walk with the Lord.  We know He is our only Hope, our only Peace, and our only Protector.  We must stop thinking we can do this on our own and start trusting that only He can.

Help me, Lord, to stand strong each day in this battle for the souls of men and women.  Help me to stop trying to win this battle on my own and to start trusting that You are more than able to handle it.