The two witnesses are mysterious, powerful, and God-sent. They will prophecy of what is to come on the earth and will have the power to stop the rain and to protect themselves from those who hate them. Eventually, the beast from the abyss will go to war with the two witnesses and win. Both are killed in the battle and are left for three and half days for everyone to look at. The people rejoiced and treated the moment like Christmas giving gifts to each other. The celebration revealed the hardness of their hearts to the things of God. Even after the six seals, the people had no desire to turn to God. They were content in their misery and God punished them harshly for it. Until a person is at ground zero in life, he/she does not want to see or hear about God's plan for life. After the three and half days, God raised His two witnesses from the dead and brought them to heaven. He then sent an earthquake that devastated a large part of the land and killed many people. Once again, the people harden their hearts and will not repent of their sin. God continued to give these people an opportunity to turn to Him, but they refused and suffered the horrible consequences of doing so. Has God been trying to get your attention about a problem in your marriage or a sin that you have struggled with recently? Could this be another opportunity to return to Him and to the narrow path He has called you to?

Help me, Lord, to listen to Your call for repentance in my life. Help me to readily change any part of my life and place it under Your authority and Your protection.