If we are honest, we have to admit that we really like to know everything that is going on around us. We do not necessarily like mysteries unless they are solved, and we definitely do not like being shown up by someone who knows more than we do. As Christ-followers, we must remember that God has not revealed everything that will happen during the End Times or throughout eternity. John listens to an angel with a "little book" and wants to write down what the angel has read. He is reprimanded and told that this is a mystery that is not yet ready to be revealed. Once again, we step into the realm of the Almighty as we consider His omniscience. God is all-knowing and has made plans for us that have not been revealed but will work to our good. As we walk by faith, we accept God's decisions about revelation knowing He is our Father and He knows what we can handle and what we cannot. Do you believe that today? Are you willing to rest in God's omniscience and trust that His plans are for your best? As we ready and study, we are also reminded that God is omnipotent. He not only knows everything, He also has the power to accomplish what He knows. He is our all-knowing, all-powerful God. Will you trust Him with the day ahead believing that He already sees what is to come and is able to protect and provide no matter what comes your way?

Help me, Lord, to rest in your omniscience to the point that I do not stress when I cannot see the next step to take. Help me to acknowledge Your omnipotence knowing You are able to do whatever is needed to meet my needs.