David feels all alone in his faith. He looks at the masses and only sees those who are living by cultural standards and not by God's Word. It seems that everyone has turned away from the truth and walking completely in the flesh. As a Christ-follower, it is possible to get there at certain points in life. We look around us and see few who are committed to a daily time in the Scriptures and to the basics of the Christ-like life. I suspect God knew our fears and gave us His church as a means to find like-minded people who love Jesus and desire to serve Him. Even in church, we are not all at the same levels of spiritual maturity; therefore, we must come to every service, meeting, or class with an open heart and a readiness to love those God has placed in your life. If we are not careful, we start judging people by our standards and end up just like the Pharisees who saw everyone, except their peers, as inferior. God never called us to judge or jealousy, but He did call us to love one another over and over again in Scripture. You are not alone, my friend. God always preserves a remnant in His kingdom; therefore, you can rest assured that others are out there who follow Jesus. If you are part of a fellowship of believers, then you already know that.

Help me, Lord, to find a fellowship where I can worship, love others, and grow in my faith. Help me to love those You bring into my life without judgment or jealousy.