David asks God to protect him from the snares that his enemies have set for him. We do the same in 2019, but we sometimes miss that our enemies are not always physical, and they are not always sin. Yes, we might have physical enemies who wish us harm, and we may have battles with sin that are based on temptation that comes our way from our number-one enemy and our sin nature. Here’s the thing...most Christ-followers who are serious about their faith will work hard to see those enemies defeated or will love their enemies as Christ commanded them to, but they might never notice the impact that more money has upon their lives or the power/influence of new friends. We see these as good steps in our life, but we must be so careful, because they can also be snares used to draw us away from God. We all know Christian families that were “tight” financially, and we see many of them faithfully following God and depending upon Him for every extra dollar that comes their way. They are faithful to church, faithful to serve, and fully committed to strengthening their faith and their focus on others. Those same people get a new job, a raise, or an inheritance, and everything changes. It is subtle at first but eventually rears its ugly head. They begin to buy what they do not need and begin to fall away from the faith they clung to only a short time ago. Why? Money makes us independent, whereas a lack of money makes us dependent upon the One who provides for our every need. We suddenly see ourselves as able and therefore do not need the Almighty. Those are dangerous moments in the life of a follower of Christ. New friends can be an incredible blessing from the Lord, but they can also be a snare that leads us to places we thought we might never return to. These snares are just more tools to tear down our faith and destroy our testimony; they are deadly and their consequences are normally painful.

Help me, Lord, to recognize the snares that “pop” into my life at the most unexpected moments. Help me to take an inventory of my life to make sure those unknown snares are not deceiving me and debilitating my walk with You.