When you see God answer prayer, how does that impact you personally? If you pray for someone’s healing, and they experience healing, what happens in your life? If you pray for God to put a marriage back together, and He does, what emotion bombards you? If you pray for your church to grow or for a specific person to be saved, and it happens, what do you feel? David gives two answers...he praises God for His mighty and wonderful works, and he gains new confidence because of God’s power display. He sees those moments when God specifically answers a prayer of ours as faith- growth moments. They give us confidence to ask for even greater things from the Almighty. How often do you take some time out of your daily schedule to pray? It is one of the greatest gifts we have been given, because we are not just talking to another person, we are talking to Yahweh, the God of the Old and New Testament. We are literally talking to the Creator of the universe, and then, amazingly, He answers our prayer in some unexpected, miraculous way, and we have to respond in awe and with a new confidence that we did not previously know. Are you tapping into one of the two greatest power sources of your Christian life? Do you have a daily conversation with God as He speaks to you through His Word, and you speak to Him through prayer? This is the incredible life God has called us to live, and we get to live it in relationship with Him.

Help me, Lord, to pray consistently by faith and according to Your will. Help me to praise You when those answers come and gain confidence in You through them.