Worship is a key ingredient to our spiritual journey. We need personal and corporate worship, because it keeps God on the throne of our hearts as He sits on the throne of this universe. Worship reminds us of God's promises and of God's past work in the Old and New Testaments and in our personal lives. The psalmist refers to Moses and Aaron and reminds us that they talked directly to God on the mountaintop and in the tabernacle. He dwelt with His people in Jerusalem as they dedicated the temple and gave the Ark its proper home. He reigned over His people and worked in them and through them for His glory. What do you do with those concepts? How do you keep them fresh in your mind through the years? Worship is one of our secrets to success. Every time we worship individually or with our church family, we are opening our hearts and minds to God's Word and work. He is faithful to freshen our hearts and minds as we bow our knee to Him and His will. Have you made worship a priority in your life? God made us to worship Him and when we do, we experience the best life has to offer. A non-believer will struggle to understand this idea, but a person who knows Jesus as Savior and Lord loves to worship! It is a hallmark of a faithful follower of Christ in the good and in the difficult times in life.

Help me, Lord, to worship You with all my heart, mind, soul, and body. Help me to experience that fresh movement of Your Spirit as I make worship a priority everyday.