Can you think of a better way to start your morning than to "sing a new song" to the Lord? The Scriptures remind us that "His mercies are new every morning;" therefore, we can sing a new song each day when we rise up that can continue until we lay our heads down at night. We also sing a new song every time God helps us defeat the enemy or reveals an idol or stronghold that must be torn down. We sing a new song of freedom and praise Him for setting us free. We can sing a new song every day and hopefully on Sunday a group of believers can sing that new song together. When we worship, we do so for an audience of One, but our worship can be an encouragement and help to those around us. If you need to lift your hands while you sing this new song, then raise them high. If you need to fall on your knees as you sing this new song, then fall down and worship Him. If you need to stay completely still with your eyes closed and your heart tuned to the Lord's voice as you sing a new song, then do so without reservation or worry. The Bible teaches us that worship should never be chaotic and when our only audience is the Almighty, then we will do nothing to disobey His command. Will you sing a new song today? Will you acknowledge the incredible work that God does in your life every day? Sing Him a new song today!

Help me, Lord, to sing a new song to You today. Help me to celebrate the victories and confess the defeats as I lift my voice to You!