God is the King over all the universe, but is He your King? One statement is always true, but the other is a choice that each person has to make -- is God my King? The psalmist knows without question that God is his king, and he proclaims Yahweh's greatness to all who will listen. He knows God's power, and He grasps the impact that God's love has on a person's life. When we truly understand God's great love and His deep passion for our lives, we cannot help but change. That transformation includes the breaking down of strongholds and the tearing down of idols. The psalmist even commands the idols to worship the Almighty. As we worship and serve this God who loves us enough to send His Son to die for our sin, He will transform us and conform us to His image. We must be committed and focused, but the work is all His. That should set each Christ-follower free, because I cannot save myself nor can I sanctify myself. Jesus told us clearly that God sanctifies us through His truth, the Scriptures. Our striving are all in vain if they are not rooted in our love for and worship of Yahweh. Are you ready to put down those idols, to surrender them to God, and to watch Him start a fresh work in your heart and mind just because He loves you? "Our God [truly] is an awesome God who reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power, and love our God is an awesome God."

Help me, Lord, to surrender all my idols to You. Help me to stop trying and to start trusting You to not only save me for eternity but to sanctify me during my time on earth.