We are made to worship! Do you believe that statement? It is absolute truth. Every part of our being is made to worship something. The psalmist challenges us to focus all of our worship on Yahweh. Admittedly, we struggle with that idea, because we like to worship stuff that makes us feel good or successful or intelligent. We continually sing new songs to the gods of money, sex, and climbing the corporate ladder. We believe these gods will give us all that they promise so we give them our whole heart and mind. The end result will always be disappointment and frustration. You may earn millions and yet still be miserable because money cannot satisfy. You may enjoy an incredible sex life but still not find fulfillment or peace. You may even climb the corporate ladder all the way to the top and realize it was not what you thought or even what you wanted. The problem with all three is that they steal from other areas of your life and leave them empty and broken. When God is our only object of worship, He organizes our lives making sure to give every part its rightful role. He helps us make priorities that benefit our family and and our work life. Who/what are you worshiping today? The psalmist calls us to worship the Lord "in the beauty of His holiness." Such beautiful words that can be so hard to obey if God is not the single focus of our worship!

Help me, Lord, to set aside all the gods that threaten to take Your place in my life. Help me to worship You "in the slendor of holiness" and enjoy Your powerful work in my life, my family, and my job.