How do you feel about singing? The psalmist teaches us that it is one of the great privileges of following Yahweh. Our world has misused and abused music for centuries, but its original intent was always to worship the Lord. When you worship corporately with your brothers and sisters in Christ, do you sing with exuberance and joy? Have you chosen to "sit out" that portion of the worship service because you cannot sing or are too proud to do so? God has told us to make a joyful noise. He made our voices just as they are and still expects them to worship Him in song. He also reminds us throughout His Word that worship is not about us, it is only about Him. My worship is a personal time of reflection and refreshment with God. The psalmist reminds us that He is more than worthy of our singing praises to His name. He made the sea and owns everything in it. He made the earth and owns everything on it. He is that powerful and that authoritative, and He deserves our praise and worship. We tend to worship the creation more than Creator according to Romans 1. It makes little sense to worship the water and the creatures in them when we should be worshiping the One who made it all. Anything earthly is made by God, as well, so why would we choose to worship it instead of worshiping God? As you prepare for Sunday, I pray you will do so with God in mind and plan to worship Him alone as He loves to be worshiped.

Help me, Lord, to sing praises to Your Name whether corporately or privately. Help me to worship You alone and to reflect and be refreshed as I do so.