If we are not careful, we will read this psalm and think it does not apply to us. While we do have some physical enemies, we do not face constant attacks that create chaos in our towns and cities. We do, however, face internal enemies that constantly threaten to steal our sanity and uproot the work that God has already done in our lives. Those enemies have names like depression, self-doubt, self-sabotage, addiction, uncontrolled anger, and bitterness. They are real and have an incredible impact upon how we live, learn, and walk with God. When those enemies are getting the victory in our lives, we are going to struggle with God and with any kind of authority. The psalmist reminds us that God can give us victory over all our enemies. He is our great Warrior and Friend and has already defeated each of those foes that we face daily. He can break through strongholds and tear down idols that these enemies have built in our lives. If you are a Christ-follower, then you have a choice; you have options when it comes to these enemies from within. Those options all start with Yahweh, and our relationship with Him. That enemy has been defeated and has no power over you unless you willingly give it away. Are you ready to live a victorious life? Are you willing to surrender your pride and your control so God can remove the lies and replace them with truth?

Help me, Lord, to surrender my life completely to You and allow You to provide victory over my enemies. Help me to see those enemies as dangerous and turn directly to You when they try to attack.