When the Bible compares our lives to a vapor that is here for a moment and then gone, I kind of struggle with the implications. I know we are finite as humans but the thought that our life is truly that short in the annals of eternity creates a longing for something bigger and better than me. Satan tries to hide our "finiteness" from us, because when we believe we are going to live forever, we have no need for God. When, however, we come to the realization that our life is just a vapor, it changes everything. Suddenly, we see God as the King who reigned over this universe before it was ever created. We acknowledge His majesty and His eternality. The psalmist even reminds us that God's "statutes are fully confirmed" from generation-to-generation. Our God is not only eternal, but He is also unchanging. When we live in that reality, we stop trying to be good enough or to meet some kind of man-made standard, because we know that His ways lead to eternal life and will not change in the middle of the journey. What happens to fear or anxiety when I believe these truths about Yahweh? They disappear, because God is always on His throne and He will always use everything for our good and His glory.

Help me, Lord, to acknowledge my finiteness and to recognize and celebrate Your eternality. Help me to put all of my faith and hope in You alone even in fearful or anxious moments.