The psalmist reminds us that this is actually a song that would be sung at different times on the Jewish calendar.  He also reminds us of the incredible privilege we have to sing praises to the Lord.  He has made us and defeated all of our enemies and now we get to stand with holy hands lifted to the Lord worshiping our one true God.  Yahweh deserves that, and we, as God’s people, must once again make praise a priority in our personal and corporate worship.  How often do you catch yourself singing a song of worship to the Lord?  Does it happen at work or when you are all alone?  Is He your delight at every moment of the day, or have you relegated Him to Sundays only?  As we worship, we learn more about Yahweh, and we keep our focus upon Him and not upon social media, sin, or a sickness.  Praise helps us find the positive in the most difficult times and to walk through them knowing He is right beside us all the way.  As a Christ-follower, I must worship the Lord every day throughout the day.  Is Yahweh the focus of your life, or have allowed something else to take His place?  Your praise will reveal that answer so stay focused on praising Him!

Help me, Lord, to praise You every day through songs and prayers of praise.  Help me to stay focused upon You and not upon all the “stuff” that tries to steal my peace.