The Hiding Place was a book written by Corrie Ten Boom about her family’s struggles during the Holocaust.  I always wonder if this psalm was of vast importance to them.  They feared constantly for their lives and never knew what might happen in the next hour.  To know that Yahweh was their “safe place,” their refuge from all the storms of life and from the Nazi’s had to bring such solace to dark and desperate times.  We, of course, do not face that kind of anger and hatred today, but we do face difficult people and tragedy and heartache.  We do need a hiding place in this life, and Yahweh promises to be just that.  Could He be your hiding place today?  I know that we find safety and security in Him alone and that only He can bring peace to the fiercest storms.  Our natural focus is on the people around us that we love and that love us.  We try to make them our “safe place,” but mankind cannot stand under that type of pressure.  We all fail and falter in our walk and in our determination to protect.  The psalmist understood just how far-reaching God’s protection extends to those who love Him and strive to follow Him.  Could you describe yourself in that way?  Are you walking with Jesus everyday?  If so, then hide securely “in the shadow of His wing.”  I suspect He was Corrie Ten Boom’s only hope throughout that horrible event, and He can be the same for you no matter what you face.

Help me, Lord, to hide securely “in the shadow of Your wing.”  Help me to stop finding my security in someone other than You and to walk closely with You each and every day.