Moses reminds us that God is our everlasting refuge.  We have always and will always find our sustenance in Him.  In Him, we find life, hope, and love.  He reminds us to number our days.  Life is short and everyday has to count for something.  Some days are made for rest, and others are made for ministry and service to others.  We are guilty many times of wasting days, months, and even years on that which has no profit.  We live in sin or walk in rebellion and waste the precious minutes that God has given us on this earth.  I am not sure about you, but I do not want to be guilty of such.  If God is truly our everlasting refuge and strength, then I can trust Him to meet my needs and give me power to overcome my struggles.  The key, however, is humility.  God had to take Moses from Pharoah’s palace to an unknown existence as a shepherd to humble him so that he would be usable in His kingdom work.  God will do the same in our lives, because only the humble will hear His voice and readily choose to obey.  The Bible is so clear that “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.”  I want His grace in my life everyday; therefore, I must learn humility.  

Help me, Lord, to humble myself in Your presence.  Help me to trust You as my everlasting refuge and sustenance in life.