David was a fierce warrior with a reputation for winning battles that he was not supposed to win. People sang songs about him and were confident in his abilities. David, however, understood just how desperately he needed a "shelter" or a "refuge" in his life. He public persona did not dictate his personal life, because David believed God created him to be a warrior and to lead his people. He never believed that he deserved such a position; instead, he lived with a spirit of thankfulness and readiness to serve. When the fighting was done, David needed a safe place where he could rest and recuperate before the next battle. He tells us that God is his refuge and his stronghold. When the battle gets too hot or the need for rest overcomes him, David turns to the Lord and finds a safe place where he can rest. The idea of a refuge, or safe space, has been greatly distorted by our culture today. We think that we need a place where everyone agrees with us and accommodates our needs, but God does not always agree with us yet He is the safest space we can ever find. Where is your refuge in this crazy world we live in? Where can you rest and recuperate while also being refueled for the next battle? Where can you experienced conviction and a spiritual revival all at once? The answer is Jesus! He must be our refuge, our safe space, in a world filled with chaos, drama, and deep-seated anger.

Help me, Lord, to find my safe space in Your arms. Help me to seek refuge, recuperation, and refueling for this new day and all its challenges in my walk and relationship with You.