The psalmist mourns the incredible loss that comes from sin.  God made everlasting promises to his servant, David, that brought about the Messiah.  Sadly, the people of Israel did not take full advantage of those promises and rebelled against Yahweh.  They worshiped and served the false gods of the nations surrounding them, and God removed His hand of protection and provision from their lives.  He raised up those who would devastate His people, and He did it out of love.  He desperately wanted them to return to Him and find healing and help.  Their rebellious hearts, however, would not give them that option; instead, they walked deeper and deeper into sin and experienced even more devastation.  From the outside looking in, it seems they were being foolish, because God promised to forgive and restore, but in truth, we are all guilty before God and in many cases are unwilling to surrender our sin to His will.  Pride causes us to believe that our plan is better than God’s and that those things that have become gods in our life are “no big deal.”  Our camp pastor this week has made this statement multiple times, “Good things are good until they become god-things.”  Let that sink in...we can take anything and make it a god.  Doing so destroys our walk, our relationships, and our hope for the future.  Jesus, however, can restore all of that if we will humble ourselves before Him.  The psalmist understood that truth.  Do you?

Help me, Lord, to overcome my rebellious heart and find strength in the faith that You have given me.  Help me to worship You as my one and only God and not allow good things to become god-things.