Life is never perfect.  The psalmist gives us an apt description of how many people feel on a daily basis.  They believe God has abandoned them because they have had to face tragedy, rejection, and disappointment.  God never promised we would not face those issues, as a matter of fact, He has told us that we would most likely have to face them; therefore, to be shocked that it has happened to us is more a matter of pride than reality.  I was reading a book this morning and read these words, “because God knows that sometimes, after you put the pieces back together, you end up with something stronger and even more beautiful than before.”  It was such a huge encouragement to my life and reminded me that no matter how bad things get in this life, God can bring beauty from ashes.  He can take our grandest mistakes and our biggest messes and turn them into something stronger and more beautiful than ever before.  The final decision, however, comes back to faith.  Do you believe God is in control and has a purpose even for your greatest heartache?  Do you believe He can take all of that and use it your eventual good and for His glory?  My hope is in the God who sent His Son as a sacrifice to wash my sins away.  He is more than able and we must learn to trust Him.

Help me, Lord, to accept the good and the difficult that You bring into my life.  Help me to look for the beauty in the ashes  as You use hardships to mold and make me into Your image.