Why was Jerusalem such a special place in Jewish lore?  It was a beautiful city that David won and made his own.  Much of Israel’s history is wrapped up in that one city, and it was on a hill so it was the perfect place for protection.  Its greatest quality, however, was that God resided there in His holy temple.  That made this city more important to a Jew than any other in Israel or the surrounding nations.  God’s presence changed everything.  When Solomon invited God to reside in the temple, the people realized that this was something way bigger than them.  They no longer wondered if Yahweh loved them or if He wanted their best.  Sadly, this temple that gave this city its importance is the one thing that eventually destroyed them.  It was not the temple itself, but the Jew’s view of it.  They began to believe that the temple saved them from their enemies, and the temple itself was more important than the God it was built to worship.  We can get there so easily today with our churches or even in our own spirituality.  We worship the creation rather than the Creator, and it costs us so much in life.  God wanted His people to live a simple life that started and ended with faith.  He wanted their best, and for a time, they enjoyed it, but their flesh stole what could have been.  Will that be us at some point in the near future?  God is worthy of our worship and nothing else even comes close.  Love Him and walk with Him and worship Him alone.  

Help me, Lord, to celebrate Your presence in my life and to walk by faith today.  Help me to stop worshiping the creation and to start worshiping Yahweh and Him alone!