Do you feel weak and weary?  Do you need renewal and supernatural strength?  David reminds us that we find all of that in Yahweh.  He is our good God who loves us unconditionally and never fails to meet each of our needs.  He is also more than able to pull us out of the depths of despair and to lift us to the highest mountains emotionally, spiritually, and in our relationships.  The key, however, is an “undivided heart.”  This is where we seem to struggle, because we cling to our anxiety and our fear and yet want to trust God through the storms.  It really cannot work that way.  It is an “either/or” situation and not a ”both” situation.  Anxiety, fear, and faith do not work together; instead, they divide our heart and stop God from being able to do His greatest work.  Sadly, we blame God in those moments never realizing that He is limited by our lack of faith.  He always wants to heal, repair, and strengthen, but we stop Him with our anxiety and fear which also leads us to make some bad decisions in life which then creates more anxiety and fear.  It is a sick and never-ending cycle until we make Jesus the center of all that we do.  When our heart is fully tuned to Him alone, He can heal what is broken and repair what we have destroyed!  He can do it.  I desperately want that!  Do you?  

Help me, Lord, to admit my weakness and my weariness and to seek You with my whole heart.  Help me to give faith the freedom to remove my anxieties and fears and to make me everything You created me to be.