Asaph again asks for restoration for His people because they have strayed once again from the truth and chosen to serve idols.  He knows that they cannot fix their mess on their own; instead, they need God to intervene and renew His people’s faith.  Here is the kicker...he knows that the only way this restoration will occur is if the people return to God’s Word.  They need to know the truth and he knows that is only found in the Scriptures.  Are you seeking restoration?  Do you need a spiritual restoration?  Does your marriage need to be restored?  Could it be that your church needs spiritual restoration?  It will not come by trying to be a better person; instead, it will come through time in the Word and the application of the truth You learn.  God can restore anything and even make it better than it was in the past.  He can do it, but He has chosen to use His Word as the catalyst.  Are you willing to stop and study?  Are you willing to put in the time needed to find God’s will and walk in it?  You can do nothing better than that.  The psalmist believed that with all his heart and staked the future of His people upon it.  When do you start?  Right now seems to be the perfect moment.  Do not hesitate or put off what needs to happen today.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy Your restoration as I get into Your Word and find Your will.  Help me to start seeking You with my whole heart immediately and to trust You to for the future.