While it sounds as if the psalmist loves to go to church, I suspect his meaning is much deeper.  As you read, it becomes obvious that he is focused on his walk with God and how he loves being in His presence on a consistent basis.  He talks about the voyage that we take with God and how it transforms a situation from horrible (baca) to something much more palatable.  Only Yahweh could take the worst and turn it into something beautiful, and He does it consistently for those who love to dwell in His presence.  If you had a choice between being a doorkeeper in God’s house or having great prestige and wealth which would you choose?  Our flesh will always lean towards prestige and wealth, but when we are walking in the Spirit, we see God as more important than anything else and would rather be the lowest servant in His presence than to be outside of His presence for even a moment.  Are you at that place in your spiritual journey?  If not, are you interested in getting there?  The psalmist reminds us that the Lord does not withhold any good thing to those who are blameless in His sight.  We do not become blameless on our own; it only happens when we are “in Christ.”  Once there, we can begin this journey into a blameless life and enjoy all of God’s “good things” in our life.  

Help me, Lord, to walk so closely to You that I see every negative in a completely different light.  Help me to walk blamelessly with You and enjoy the “good things” that You bring into my life.