Do we really have that kind of faith? The psalmist believes that no matter how great the enemy, Yahweh is stronger and will be victorious. He does not fear the nations that have gathered together to destroy Israel, because God is their help and their hope. Israel knows that He will intervene at the perfect moment to protect those He cherishes. In the mean time, their main responsibility is to prepare for whatever attack may come their way. Faith does not sit back; instead, it prepares for whatever is ahead and trusts God to work miraculously in His time. In the mist of that preparation, however, we must be still and know that He is God. We must remember the past victories He has brought our way and use those as motivation for our faith. Yahweh has defeated the greatest of armies without challenge, and He can and will do it again. Satan loves to keep us fearful and anxious, but he can only do so if we allow it. We cannot forget that "greater is He that is in me than he who is in the world." This must be our mantra, our source of faith, and the key to daily victory. It all goes back to that question, "do we really have that kind of faith?"

Help me, Lord, to trust You no matter how great the enemy is. Help me to prepare for battle and trust You to intervene in Your perfect time and in Your perfect way.