Have you ever thought of Yahweh holding a court hearing (council) with the rest of the gods of this universe? I suspect not, but that is the word picture the psalmist gives us. He cries out to God for rescue and help. He knows that the false gods that many of the Jews worshiped before the captivity were powerless. They demanded much but provided nothing. People would sacrifice their children to those gods hoping to bring sustenance or wealth to the rest of the family. How sick is that? Sadly, we are guilty in this modern-day, as well. We sacrifice our children to the culture never giving them the tools needed to succeed in life. We make them believe that life is all about feeling good and getting something for nothing, when God has placed us here for a completely different reason. We are here to worship Him and to reach those that do not know Him with the Gospel. The gods should have no power in our lives, because they are powerless. The Gospel, however, is the power of God unto salvation. It is time the church walked away from the culture of our land and started focusing on God's plan for their lives. Our God reigns; therefore, we have nothing to fear or be anxious over and can pray diligently for Him to rescue those in great need through the power of the Gospel.

Help me, Lord, to stop allowing the gods of this world to have any influence in my life. Help me to take the Gospel everywhere I go knowing it is Your plan for rescuing the needy in this world.