Do you believe the church is mired in idolatry like the nation of Israel before the captivity? I suspect we have been deceived by the enemy and have given him ample room to set up idols in our lives. We might worship Yahweh on Sunday, but the rest of the week is dedicated to the idol we truly worship. That idol could be a sin, a relationship, money, or social media. Each is rooted in an identity problem. I think I need that idol to make me valuable, to give me worth, but the Bible teaches us that our value comes from God, not a position or a feeling. He sees us as valuable and important; therefore, we must learn to see ourselves in the same light. When we do, then the worship Asaph expresses at the beginning of this psalm will make sense, and the promise at the end of the song will be ours. When we lay down our idols and put God back on the throne, we know that He is going to provide for our financial, relational, emotional, and spiritual needs because He has promised to do so. Our lifestyle actually helps build our faith just as our faith is the reason for our lifestyle. We go boldly to the throne of grace because of Christ alone, but we go much more frequently when He is on the throne. Will you ask God to reveal the idol that you are currently worshiping? You might be surprised by His answer.

Help me, Lord, to lay down every idol that comes between me and You. Help me to experience Your promises daily as I give You the throne of my life.