Restoration is such a big part of our Christian walk. While walking with Jesus, we still make mistakes (sometimes huge mistakes) that hurt our reputation and our testimony. In those moments, we struggle to feel God's love or His presence. We desperately need to be restored. David spoke of it in Psalm 51 when he asked the Lord to restore the joy of his salvation. This psalmist reveals where restoration comes from. He mentions it at the beginning and at the end of this song which tells us just how important it is. Restoration comes only from God. If our marriage needs to be restored, only God can do it. If our reputation needs to be restored, only God can do it. If our righteousness needs to be restored, only God can do it. He alone can restore what we have ruined and rebuild what we have torn down. The psalmist remembers the times that God has restored his people in the past and now he asks Him to do it again. We need to hear that, because restoration does not guarantee we will never make another mistake. The fact is we come to God for restoration on a regular basis, and He always responds when it is a heartfelt request. Should we follow the psalmist example and pray for the restoration of the church, of commitment, of sacrifice, and of courage? The church in the United States is weak and having little impact upon the culture; therefore, we must begin to ask God for restoration!

Help me, Lord, to pray for restoration in those areas that I have messed up. Help me to pray for the restoration of Your church and our commitment, sacrifice, and courage to take the Gospel to the world.